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Perrin Rotated Mount Turbo Kit 08-UP Subaru WRX/STi
Perrin Rotated Mount Turbo Kit 08-UP Subaru WRX/STi 
These Perrin rotated mount turbocharger setups are one of the most comprehensive and best designed kits on the market. The Perrin rotated mount turbo kit utilizes redesigned exhaust and intake plumbing to install a large Garrett turbocharger on your Subaru without being limited by the stock under-the-manifold turbo inlet and internal wastegate. Perrin's rotated turbo placement allows for straight, unobstructed intake plumbing and fitment of even a big turbochargers.

Rotated Mount Uppipe & Downpipe:
Constructed from mandrel bent 304 stainless steel with .500" CNC-cut flanges, the Perrin rotated mount up pipe and downpipe are both tig-welded to the highest quality standards. The Perrin rotated mount up pipe features 2" diameter piping, and is flanged for an v-band Precision 46mm external wastegate for precise boost control. The Perrin rotated mount up pipe will bolt to a stock exhaust manifold, or aftermarket header designed for a factory 2-bolt up pipe; we suggest the Perrin equal-length exhaust header for optimal performance.

Perrin's rotated-mount STI downpipe features full 3" piping, all the way into the turbo, and is designed to recirculate the Precision 46mm wastegate back into the exhaust path, instead of using an external dump. Recirculating the wastegate gases eliminates the risk of fire and melting from engine bay heat, it also significantly reduces noise. The slip-fit flange design allows for perfect fitment, and expansion under the extreme post-turbo heat to resist cracking. At the downpipe's base, is a 3" flat flange that will bolt up to a stock exhaust or stock-location aftermarket catback exhaust.

Rotated Mount Cold Air Intake:
Perrin's rotated mount turbo kit includes a 3" cold air intake system. Designed to draw cold air from the fender-well directly into the Garrett turbocharger, Perrin's new cold air intake will ensure optimal airflow and increased power. In addition, the Perrin cold air intake system has all the necessary fittings for the crankcase vents, valve cover breathers and emissions control hoses for direct installation. The Perrin rotated mount cold air intake eliminates the factory MAF sensor housing but does include a new housing to fit in line with the rotated mount style intake. The Perrin rotated mount intake is constructed from 3" aluminum pipe for optimal flow and minimal weight. It is available in powder coated red or black finish, so it looks as good as it performs. The Perrin rotated mount cold air intake system includes the proper sized turbocharger coupler, high-flow reusable foam filter element, and silicone vacuum hoses for proper fitment and installation.

For precise boost control, these turbo kits use a Precision Turbo 46mm wastegate. The Precision 46mm Wastegate uses v-band connections to eliminate leaks and allow for installation in tight spaces. The 46mm design releases exhaust gases faster, yielding spot-on boost control, and the valves are constructed from temperature resistant materials for excellent heat-handling characteristics. Loaded w/ a 14psi spring, this wastegate can be pulled up to around 28psi with a conventional boost controller or solenoid. If you need to go higher than that, an off-the-shelf spring is available for almost any pressure requirement.

Garrett GT Series Dual-Ball Bearing Turbochargers:
Perhaps the most rugged turbochargers on the market, Garrett's dual-ball bearing turbochargers are designed for rapid spool due to their ball-bearing cartridges, longevity due to their oil & water cooled center cartridges and exhaust housing composition, and performance due to their large size. The Garrett GT turbos have become a staple of automotive performance, and are the basis for Perrin's rotated mount kit. Garrett turbos are available in .82 AR exhaust housings which will spool less rapidly but make more top-end power.

GTX Turbos take the Garrett technology to the next level. The GTX turbos provide 10-20% more airflow and 10-20% more pressure capabilities, forge fully machined billet compressor wheel with next generation aerodynamics, 11 full blade design and ultra quiet operation. All this mean more HP with no change to the turbo response or overall size of turbo!

Engine management, fuel system upgrades, and supporting modifications are required with this kit.
We strongly recommend engine internal upgrades for those looking to make over 400whp.
Professional installation is strongly recommended; this is not a task for beginners. We strongly suggest a shop familiar with Subaru performance.
As with all turbo kits, there is some "tweaking" / "elbow grease" required for installation - i.e. trimming, unbolting, minor grinding, etc. in varying degrees as each car is a little bit different. For this reason, we suggest professional installation by a Subaru performance shop.
Tuning will be required with these kits.

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Weight 35.00 lbs
Price: $3393.99

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