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AGP 50 Trim DBB Turbocharger Upgrade Kit Dodge Neon SRT-4
AGP 50 Trim DBB Turbocharger Upgrade Kit Dodge Neon SRT-4 
The factory TD04LR-15GK-6cm turbocharger is way too small for your 2.4L motor. The tiny turbine wheel and housing creates backpressure numbers greater than 60psi and makes it rather pointless to do anything other than an all out replacement. Let your 2.4 breathe, replace the whole thing with a real sized turbo.

This turbo kit includes a replacement manifold, turbocharger, external wastegate, and 3" O2 housing that will allow for endless possibilities. This kit starts off with a new exhaust manifold centered around the T31 High Flow 4 bolt outlet turbine housing. Turbo placement is a key variable in this design, because of the clearance with the engine and firewall. Rest assured, the centerline placement of the turbocharger allows for enough room so you DO NOT have to "convince" your firewall. NO DENTING OR HACKING OF THE FIREWALL NEEDED with our kit.

The manifold has been extensively tested to deliver fast spool up and a broad flat torque curve. In comparisons with long runner tubular manifolds it makes power 500rpm quicker and with no compromise of top end power. AGP turbo kits make more power under the curve than any other turbo. Don't listen to your friend that tells you that a tubular manifold will spool your turbo quicker.

The next step is integrating the one "old school" turbo into the mix with an oil and water cooled center housing. The AGP-38mm external wastegate has been chosen to properly manage the exhaust flow to the turbine as to prevent any unwanted boost creep, but still allow enough control for those wanting to put the engine to its limits. The AGP-38 gate does this perfectly with a few different spring rates (all spring rates included in the kit). The external wastegate vents to the atmosphere to keep turbine efficiency the highest as possible. You don't want wasted gasses and turbine gasses to fight each other downstream and create unwanted backpressure. For an additional cost, you can now get a wastegate reroute kit to keep the noise down.

Now that you know what goes into the AGP T3/T4 kit, here is a little help on selecting the turbo that is right for your particular setup. There is no perfect turbo for your car. You cannot just look at a map and engine and say "this is the perfect turbo" and expect it to work for everyone. If you want to autocross, your turbo will be different from someone who is roadracing, who is drag racing, who is street racing, who is just wanting a fun car. This is why there are so many turbos and selecting the right turbo is important. Bigger turbos flow more air, but due to the size, take longer to spool. By matching the correct wheels and housings, you can minimize lag, and still make good power. All numbers given are best case scenario and many things can affect power. The HP numbers are at the extreme limits of a turbo and not to be expected for everyone. Remember the parts are only as successful as the person or persons installing and tuning them.

50 trim: This is the best matched turbo for the 2.4L motor for maximum power with the stock rev limiter and the only "old technology" turbo worthy of being installed. This turbo is perfect for those wanting to make big power on pump gas and win just about any street race from a roll. Full boost should be right around 3100-3200rpm in a .48a/r turbine housing and 3500-3600rpm in a .63a/r. The difference being about 30-40whp less when peaked out on race gas for the .48a/r, but with the faster spool the .48 is nicer for pump gas street driving. Many cars over the years have pulled over 420whp on pump gas at 23psi. The maximum boost is around 30psi where we have been able to touch 500whp with the .63a/r. The turbo comes with a 4" inlet ported shroud compressor cover with a 2" outlet. The AGP 50 trim is only available with the Dual Ball Bearing center housing.

Modifications Needed to run an AGP 50 trim kit:
-3" intake with 4-3 coupler (all AGP turbos have 4" inlets)
-External Blow Off Valve Setup
-Fuel Upgrades
-3" exhaust

Options: If you want some added flavor to your AGP kit, they can polish the compressor housing and/or heatshield. They also offer ceramic coating to the manifold, turbine housing, o2 housing, and dump tube in either black or silver. For those wanting to quiet down the wastegate dump, they offer a weld-on or bolt-on reroute kit.

Kit Includes: AGP T3 manifold, AGP-38mm wastegate, stainless steel dump tube, 50 trim turbo in a .48 or .63 A/R T31 turbine housing, 3" stainless steel O2 housing, oil feed and drain lines, water line kit, gaskets, nuts and bolts, stainless steel heatshield, overflow bottle

Weight 40.00 lbs
Price: $2549.99

Turbine Housing:
Wastegate Reroute:
Add 4-3 Reducer:
Polishing/Ceramic Coating:

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